In this exciting new documentary project, Austin Francalancia and I are working directly with the team at SLAC who will be building the largest camera ever constructed to work in tandem with the new Large Synoptic Survey telescope (LSST).  This exciting endeavor is a venture with the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Stanford, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other partners worldwide and will lead to a wholesale revolution in how we see the universe in our places in it. Areas of discovery include dark matter, dark energy, black holes, and early universe formation.

We recently finished a first round of shooting at SLAC on the search for dark matter. SLAC houses the US linear accelerator laboratory and the research group working with the Fermi Telescope and will return as construction on the camera begins. It’s an ongoing project for several years and we will be filming regular web shorts, a feature doc, and potential docu-series. Some initial images from that shoot are here and look for more updates as available.

Visualization of the early universe from Ralf Kaehler

Blas Cabrera describes his direct detection work to us

An idea board in the lounge at SLAC

Physicist Andrea Albert describes her work with the Fermi Lab