I’ve been making films since 1999, when I shot my first feature, Slick Lily Vs The Grand Canyon.  Filmed on a shoestring budget of $2,300 with a cast and crew of amateurs, Slick Lily had a nice run as a festival favorite and was even chosen as an Honorable Mention for “Best Films of 2001” by The Commercial Appeal‘s John Beifuss.  From there, I shot another feature, Six Days in the Life of Mims, which also saw festival play, and then pursued graduate studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  At SCAD I directed, produced, and crewed on several short films including my award winning thesis “Push”.

After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles where I’ve worked in the heart of the film industry.  I spent five years at Gersh, a top tier talent agency.  As part of the Film Finance and Distribution division I worked directly with top writers, directors, actors, and producers across all phases of development, production and release.

In 2012, I left Gersh to help start a new US Distribution Company:  Ketchup Entertainment, where I stayed until early 2016.  At Ketchup I oversaw the acquisition and release of our initial slate of twenty plus films, as well as helping to structure our output deals across all platforms.   Some highlights included the documentary Linsanity (one of the top ten grossing docs of 2013), the Paul Walker thriller Vehicle 19, the Pierce Brosnan/Emma Thompson comedy The Love Punch, and Michael Polish’s beautiful adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel Big Sur.  Working in distribution immersed me in actual business of connecting films with audiences – which has in turn informed my filmmaking and my overall approach to the medium.

Since leaving Ketchup in 2016 I’ve been actively producing films.  In the last two years, I’ve had four films on which I served as a producer released both theatrically and in home entertainment.  Highlights include Bedeviled (acquired by Freestyle Media), Avenge the Crows (acquired by Gravitas), and The Revival (acquired by Breaking Glass Pictures).

While working, I’ve continued to write, direct, and produce films, with highlights including my 2011 festival short “Jehovah’s Badass”,  the feature screenplay Marijuanaman (which I co-wrote with Ziggy Marley), the  documentary feature Figures of Speech, and my recently completed short “Spark”.  I recently completed postproduction on my first documentary, “Conway Pride.”

I currently teach film production at the University of Central Arkansas.

Click here to see samples of some of my projects.