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“Late last night I had me a dream,
I was out fishin’ in a whiskey stream…”
–Talking Fishing Blues, Woody Guthrie

My name is Stephen Stanley, and I’m a producer, director, writer, and educator.

I believe that stories are more than entertainment:  they foster connection, engender change, and offer hope.  I want to elevate life-affirming narratives and to champion storytellers who might otherwise get overlooked in an industry that often values creative homogeneity.

The name “Whiskey Stream” is a reference to the work of Woody Guthrie, who sings about finding an enchanted land where the streams flow with whiskey and wine.   I see the whiskey stream as a metaphor of my vision of the role of film, which is as a medium to recast the world as we wish it was or as how we see it could be.

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