Great review of Six Days in the Life of Mims!

From Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

Thursday, October 28th

Six Days in the Life of Mims

This second feature from Rocketinaditch Productions (Memphians Stephen Stanley and Boris Triko: both wrote and produced, Stanley directed and edited, and Triko was the director of photography) improves on their engaging debut, the political satire Slick Lily Vs. the Grand Canyon, which played Indie Memphis in 2001.

Stanley Johnson is extremely likable as Mims, a Dean Martin-like character who spends his days hanging out with friends and sucking down martinis made by his ever-present butler Starky. Upon learning from street preacher Elijah that the Rapture is coming in five days, Mims and his coterie of eccentrics decide to celebrate with a big party.

Six Days in the Life of Mims has some of the inside jokiness common to low-budget films made among friends, but that spirit of camaraderie is also a strength. The film is odd, funny, and generous in a manner similar to the films of Wes Anderson, with the climactic party scene here (where the Reigning Sound are the band!) rhyming with the one that ends Rushmore. The five-day countdown and clearly drawn cast of sidekicks (each with a distinct problem) give the film a strong structure. Of particular note is Talbot Fields, who is quite funny in a dual role as Elijah and Mims’ hobo friend Bums. (Overheard bar-talk from Bums: “I thought, what did I need with two testicles? So I bought my drink a drink and I got out of there.”)