17 amazing queer films to look forward to in 2023

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With an impressive year of cinema coming to a close, you may wonder what sort of queer films 2023 has in store. We’re here to give you a preview, outlining some of the LGBTQ+ films that have been announced to date, and why you should be excited about their release!


Colby Holt and his husband Sam Probst pose together at their movie premiere with big smiles and and standing close together.
Colby Holt and Sam Probst

This coming-of-age film is directed by husbands Colby Holt and Sam Probst with filming having finished in August 2022. In the film, we see a high school senior by the name of Lee Fletcher IV develop a crush on his openly gay classmate, but the story is not all it seems. Lee suddenly finds himself stalked by a faceless creature that endlessly occupies his thoughts and threatens to physically harm him.

Describing itself as a horror thriller the film, it was shot in Holt’s hometown of Paducah, Kentucky and the director has shared his decision for the location: “We wanted to explore the queer experience in the modern South, and the terror one can be made to feel with the realization they are gay or queer-identified.” The film is currently aiming for a festival debut in 2023 and hopefully, we will know more about its release in the new year!