CREEPY CATALOG: Best New Horror Films of 2022 -THEY LIVE IN THE GREY

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19. They Live in the Grey

Michelle Krusiec in They Live in the Grey (2022).
They Live in the Grey comes from brothers Burlee and Abel Vang, and it is inspired by the grief they saw their parents go through.

A social worker who can see ghosts is forced to face her own traumatic past in the chilling and emotional supernatural horror movie They Live in the Grey. Michelle Krusiec stars as Claire, a worker for Child Protective Services assigned to investigate a report of child abuse. She quickly learns that an otherworldly presence in the house may be the cause of the abuse, and Claire must decide if she can mentally handle this new case while dealing with her own shattered life and the constant fear she lives with. They Live in the Grey has some very effective scares in the tradition of movies like The Eye (2002) and The Sixth Sense (1999), and it has a wonderfully moving story brought to life by Michelle Krusiec.