Slick Lily named as Honorable Mention in Commercial Appeal’s Best Films of 2001!

From Commercial Appeal critic John Beifuss:

Sunday, in the Fanfare section of The Commercial Appeal, we ran my selection of the Ten Best films of 2001, along with a “Second Ten,” and a few choice “Dogs of the Year.”

The story (to the usual distress of my editors) was pretty long. So long, in fact, that there was no room for my usual list of also-rans – those movies that didn’t make my top 20 but which were worth seeing because of their overall excellence (The House of Mirth), because they exposed audiences to a foreign culture (A Time for Drunken Horses) or because they showed pterodactyls pecking people (Jurassic Park III). So for those readers who keep asking “What about Ali?” and “Did you see Harry Potter?,” here is the rest of the story – a litany of the other worthwhile movies that played on Mid-South cinema screens during 2001:


Slick Lily vs. The Grand Canyon (this absurdist presidential election satire was my favorite of the year’s locally produced, shot-on-video Indie Memphis features);