Figures of Speech


Position:  Executive Producer, Sales Agent

“FIGURES OF SPEECH” (formerly known as “THIS IS NOT A CLUB”)  is a feature-length documentary narrated by Chris Pine that follows a group of high school students from all over the country as they vie for glory in the little-known world of competitive acting, otherwise known as “Speech” or “Forensics.” Over one million students have participated in the activity, which has been around for 90 years – even some celebrities you might recognize, like Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Josh Gad, Zac Efron. But for such a massive sub-culture, surprisingly few people seem to know about it… unless they did it. In fact, our team led by producers Sami Kriegstein and Erica Dasher were the FIRST ever allowed into the National Speech & Debate Association’s official competition rounds.

At times brutally honest and wickedly funny, the movie brings to life the rush of live Speech competition and incorporates the drama of a coming-of-age story. Each team must grapple with their own challenges: parental pressure, academic stress, sexual identity, failure, success and falling in love. We’re with them as they learn to work together creatively, physically and emotionally.

As Executive Producer and Sales Agent, I worked with the director and producers through the final stages of postproduction, helped finance delivery, represented the film to buyers for distribution, negotiated the sale, and helped oversee release on behalf of the team.