Position: Executive Producer

The boogeyman is back in this new genre feature from Nicholl’s Award winning filmmakers the Vang Brothers.   Chronicling the story of a group of friends haunted by an evil phone app after another friend mysteriously dies, BeDeviled merges old fashioned psychological tension with a fresh take on the internet age to create a fun and terrifying thriller.  As a producer on the project, I worked with the directors starting at script stage, oversaw casting, oversaw post, and negotiated the eventual sale and release on behalf of the filmmakers.

The film features Saxon Sharbino (from 2015’s reboot of Poltergeist), Victory Van Tuyl (Marvin Marvin) and Brandon Soo-Hoo (Dusk Til Dawn)  along with creature makeup and visual effects from Rob Hall (Paranormal Activity).   Shooting wrapped November 2015 with post finishing up in May 2016.  Bedeviled was acquired for International Distribution by Voltage Pictures (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyer’s Club) and had a worldwide release including theatrical runs in major territories. Freestyle Pictures took the film out in the US in both theaters and on home entertainment.

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