What Lies Below (FKA Viscous)

Upon its Netflix release in April 2021, What Lies Below had a remarkable run on the platform, including spending several days as the #1 movie in North America and reaching #5 in the world. Audiences have loved the creepy, atmospheric horror and strong performances, and press outlets from Newsweek to Entertainment Weekly to The Daily Mail have written about the phenomenon of this “little engine that could” independent film.

On this project, I earned the PGA’s “Producer’s mark” as the single person on the production team most responsible for making the film happen. While it was certainly a team effort, I’m very proud to have led this talented group and to have helped create a movie I’m proud of. First time feature writer/director Braden R. Duemmler created an intense, creepy, and thought-provoking world that explores the fear that comes with adolescence and sexuality. It was initially released worldwide by Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films in December 2020.

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