They Live in the Grey (fka The Uncanny)

My newest film, They Live in the Grey (fka The Uncanny), was released on AMC/Shudder as a “Shudder Original” in February 2022. I was very excited to partner with this premiere horror streaming service on the release of the film.

For They Live in the Grey, I reteamed with The Vang Brothers after our success on Bedeviled. After almost three years of development, we were excited to go into production in summer of 2018 with an amazing cast led by Michelle Krusiec (Hollywood) and Ken Kirby (Grand Hotel, Dynasty). As the principal producer, I’ve been deeply enmeshed in every major decision from script notes to casting to physical production to sales and distribution.

I was especially proud to help Abel and Burlee recognize their goal to have Asian-American leads in this film – a goal that was often resisted as we initially sought to get the project off the ground. It’s an incredibly diverse cast and set that I believe is a strong model for how film can – and should – be made.

Logline: Social worker Claire Yang has been haunted for years by visions that she is only just beginning to understand as a connection to the spirit world. When she is assigned a new domestic abuse case, she discovers that the problem is being caused by a supernatural entity and must use her clairvoyance to help save the family.

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