Ganymede is a passion project several years in the making. For this LGBTQ+ Horror/Thriller, I teamed with the dynamic filmmaking duo Colby Holt and Sam Probst, whose film PIG HAG premiered at SxSW in 2019. I produced along with some amazing partners at Iris Indie and Dentsu International.

Our fantastic cast is anchored by Jordan Doww, Pablo Castelblanco, Sofia Yepes, Joe Chrest, Robyn Lively, and David Koechner.

GANYMEDE tells the story of Lee Fletcher IV, a high school senior who develops a crush on his openly gay classmate, but then finds himself stalked by a faceless creature that continuously inhabits his thoughts and threatens physical harm.

We just premiered at Reeling (the Chicago LGBTQ+ fest) where we won the Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature! More screenings and news upcoming –

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